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1954? Kovrov arms factory k-125

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Good morning. I'm new to his forum, and excited to be here!

I recently acquired what I believe to be a kovrov arms factory k-125 , and on a badge on the frame iris stamped 1954, so I wonder if that is its year model.

I'm having a very hard time finding any info. Does anyone know these bikes? Any history? Like production runs, factory colors, where to find original manuals and parts catalogs, etc?

I should mention I'm in the United States. I know of no other example of this Ike in the USA.

I am including a couple pictures. Thanks in advance! Genepost-44237-0-21384100-1407762709_thumb.jpgpost-44237-0-39784500-1407762733_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to the forum, there not many two smokers on here. After wwII, the Soviets made many bikes modelled on the German DKW's and this looks like an IZH production to me but I am not that well up on them. Hang around and one of the East European posters may chip in with something more concrete

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If you should get in touch with a HD 125 group, you wil find parts for it there, To the harley crowd these were knownas corn poppers, no very fast, and they were riden by teenages, and as such they were badly abused, with the new synthetic oils, I am sure they will do better. At HD they were superceded ny the 165, that was more robust. Year for the 165 was 1952 as I recall. The 125 HD was a nearly direct copy of the DKW. Ken

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