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Dnepr stuff in San Diego for sale


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I have a lot of Dnepr OHV stuff for sale and don't really want to ship it all so if your close drop me a line!

Large parts lot for dnepr 650 OHV

Engine block very little use

Oil pan

Timing gears like new

New transmission for sidecar rig with reverse

Center Stand and spring

2 new air filters

Rear fender and tail light

2 front engine bearing retainers


Oil Centrifuge like new


Point type distributor like new

2+ sets of gaskets and seals for motor,transmission and final drive maybe more than 2sets

Complete final drive with sidecar gears

New and used ring and pinion gears for sidecar

Cardin shaft sells for $40

Rear axle

Full set of new cables including sidecar brake cable 2 clutch and 3 throttle

Bench seat

Wheel kinda crappy

2 brake shoes

Several wheel bearings and hard wear

2 kickers

2 new throw out bearings

3 new clutch rods

2 repair manuals

Carb parts

Gas cap

I have a set of heads somewhere in the shed

Many nuts bolts and too many small parts to list

Like new size 50 old school style biker heavy leather jacket

With a large "Russian Iron" patch on back

2 like new helmets, 1 jet fighter style 1 full face style

Green flight suit with Dnepr and Russian Iron patches

Green baseball hat with Dnepr patches

Might trade for ? Old honda bikes, guns, tools or tool boxes, watch









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Seems a few interested people need me to ship this stuff as no locals need it all. So I may sell it all piece by piece on eBay and ship it where ever they need it, of course the prices will not be as good as this deal! It's not the money I need I want someone to get use out of it and I have way too much to do in my new life and have way more pressing matters than motorcycle parts right now and don't want to just toss it in the scrap pile! We are moving to a larger house soon and keeping the beach house for a few months also, so I will have the room to unpack my garage stuff that I still haven't gotten to yet! Never thought I would say a 6 bedroom house was way too small but it is, new place has a much better garage anyway, 9 bedrooms, a killer view of La Jolla shores and not on the beach so the rust will stay away from the Rolls! If someone would come to me in person in La Jolla I would make them a great deal if they took it all and I didn't ship any of it!


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