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New project: Ural M72

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Although the newer ones use some pretty small wires I prefer 16 gauge although 18 would probably be enough. Judge by automotive wires, these are basically carrying the same loads for lighting and ignition.

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The clutch bracket looks way cool! I have replaced my clutch cable with a much stronger one too, but have used the old mounting bracket. 

I have made myself a hand brake:














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On 5/26/2021 at 4:39 AM, luca.stere said:

Front brake, I have made some adjustments on the brake shoes:




I have made may own clutch cable and mount which are stronger then the original ones:






I have worked also for the rear brakes:




Videos with the work:


Thought that bike looked familiar. I believe I've commented on one of these videos a few days ago. About that brake shoe, it shouldn't be overlapping that lip, right?

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On 6/16/2021 at 8:57 PM, Trinidad said:

it shouldn't be overlapping that lip, right?

Yes, it shouldn't be overlapping but those brake shoes are not NOS but aftermarket parts and they are not always fit perfectly. The "bright" side is that area is not braking very hard even in a perfect braking sistem.

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I have managed to adjust the position of the front wheel by milling the front brake plate, 3 mm in the center:


and 2 mm in the outer diameter:


Now the wheel is aligned in the center of the front fork and fender. After that I have painted the gas tank, no filler and no polyester, just paint because as I have mentioned before this is not a final project. The gas tank was treated on the surface with an antirust compound:



Green paint semimatt finish RAL 6003:



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Working on electrics and I am almost done, everything is working and I just have to start the bike in order to test the electronic relay (Vape R81). After the test I have to paint the fenders and the front fork parts and begin the final assembly for the bike. Below the rear light, quit bright for a 6V chinese copy:




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I had some time this weekend and I have work on carburetors which were having problems from the factory. The carburetors are new chinese PZ28 model copied from the russian K37. Now they are working quit good with a good throttle response but I recomend these carburetors only if you want to keep an original look on the bike.


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