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New project: Ural M72

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How did you support the solder from collapsing into the hole when you filled it in?


For the right hole I have used a rod in order to sustain the small copper piece, it was not a ring.




With the coper ring was quit easy, you have to solder in points, not continous, until you cover all the diameter.

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Nice work Luca!

Did you use electrical solder with the resin core or did you used plumbers solder with a flux?

I guess you used at least a 100W iron? Those metal areas draw a lot of heat.


I used an electrical solder because is not very powerfull and this way I can control better the soldering. The metal draws the heat but at some point you can easily solder the parts because the metal is warm enough for not "stealing" all the heat from the solder (exactly 100W soldering tool): https://ciocan-de-lipit.compari.ro/cfh/e100-52206-p332552289/.

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Small progresses, I have put the engine on the frame, this is the engine made for the K750 project also presented here. I am thinking to use this engine for this bike and rebuilding another one for the K750 project which it will be transformed in a full restoration bike with almost every part original.







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New tires, 3.5x19 and not 3.75x19. I have bought this dimenssion because I like the look with thinner tires. Originaly BMW R71 had 3.5x19 tires, the russians were the ones who passed to 3.75x19 tires and also other modifications: larger tank, bigger air filter with oil bath, reinforced frame, shorter rear drive ratio.




Rubber boots for front fork:



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The old tyres seem to have a sexy tread pattern. Are they worn out or maybe it's just the picture?


The old tires are a little worn out and have some cracks, I will not use those tires.


What's your plan for the rims?


Great work- keep it coming!


I have new rims, these rims in the picture will be used for the K750 project because they are in very good shape and original ones. I wood like to make a full restoration for the K750 project.

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