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New project: Ural M72

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Ok, I have decided to start building my bike, it will be my bike and not for sale. I will begin slow because I have other project ahead but I realy want to start this bike. This is the engine housing which I bought at a small price and is already modified for 12V generator conversion, so is good for sacrifice if something goes wrong:



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I have cleaned the engine housing and found a major problem, the oil pressure pipe was hit by something and moved in the engine housing. Because of that the left cylinder oil chanel is not comunicating anymore with the main oil pipe. That means I have to extract the pipe or to somehow move the pipe in the right position in order to have lubrication on the left cylinder.



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Hi, I have a lot of details on the Soviet motorcycles.



Thank you Timur for your offer, when I will start this project I will contact you for some parts.


I hope you didn't send him any money. I sent him over US$200 last July for a sidecar door and windshield. Today, late February, am still without anything but excuses.

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