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4-5-6 of July meeting near White Sea.Russia

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people from moscow used cars, trailers for bikes, quads,watercraft, kitchen tents and toilets.were not sidecars. boxers I saw only BMWs R-seria. With my companion we spent sunday for travel to Varzuga village (est. about 1650) and look sand desert near Kuzomen village. back way by beach (low tide) we saw stoned wave.





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back way, near Belomorsk town, we saw last gate (#19) of Belomorchanal, stone pictures of ancient people (petroglyphs) and save alone girl from moscow (she lost voltage on the bike)

then we met 3 our friends by bikes and ran to night shop to buy food and vodka. food were only snakes but alcohol were many different





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next day we ran to mystical mountain Vottovaara. then was Ruskeala marble quarry near border of Finland. 110km before SPB we got invitation spend night in the summer cottage (dacha) of People's Actor of the USSR in village Sakkola. This old Finnish hause Actor got from soviet gouvenment in 1947. (actor dead in 1978).The place is fashionable. around villas with helicopters parking looks very rich. putin"s team place

total 3500 km. 700 km by gravel roads. 2 weeks and 300 usd I spent.




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[ Most states do not require license plates]

sound good


the place where camp was named amethist coast. 2km rocks along sea contain amethist brush inside cracks.

specialist from university told us about stones then we collect stones for memory.

Tuesday after meeting we were last people on the beach.

we accidentally caught one fish in creek and cooked it on coals





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