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Thank You Vets!

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We have a lot to be proud of and it starts with the finest fighting forces the world has ever known. I know little of the inner workings of other nations. I mean no disrespect- but I feel it is a blessing to be born here.


We are not perfect. No one else is either. But when the chips are down, the world looks to the USA for help.

And that is a fact.


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My family and I say thank You! We owe you a great debt!

This is still the greatest country in the world!



A typical american statement......are all the other countrys inferior in some way?

In an international forum like this one, it is easy to step on someone's toes without meaning to. Yes, many Americans do think that this is the greatest country in the world. One should remember that this attitude is a sense of patriotic American pride, and that citizens of other countries can, and oftentimes should, feel the same about their home country. How can it be wrong to feel that way when you live in a country that has shown leadership in almost every aspect of modern a civilized international community. Being a retired U.S. career military man I have served in two wars and several locations outside of the U.S., including Europe and Asia. I've seen some beautiful places and met some wonderful people in other parts of the world. The best drivers I have encountered are in some of the European countries. Industrial leaders in many European countries understand that workers are more productive when they are provided paid holidays and vacations. Whereas that is also the case in the U.S., it is not as widespread as it should be. We still exhibit an attitude that the horse works harder if you whip it harder. Universal healthcare in many countries is superior to in the U.S. We are struggling with a healthcare system in its infancy. We have a lot to learn from our friends in other parts of the world. Still, I am grateful to have been born in America, as I am confident that you share that pride for your home country.


I dont want to be rude, but.....americans are experts on telling the world "how great they are". And this is tiring to hear. USA has made many great things, but to claim leadership in almost every aspect is an insult. Yes you have fought a couple of wars, togheter with other nations in WW, you was in Viernam and lost, you was in Irak under doubtful reasons and in Afghanistan under more legimate reasons. You has no medical care for all your people (60 million without incurance), you have not near the same vacation benefits that ex. europe, you have weak unions at the workers cost and above all, in US always money only counts. You have a great military force that is the no.1 in the world, you have 3 of the worlds 10 finest universitys, you have great nature and lots of nice people. But i do not agree that US is the worlds no.1, that is what you are raised to belive. I am from Sweden and we are not raised to belive that we are better that anyone else, we have alot of world leading companies, some way ahead of US equivalents. For example Hasselblad, Ericson, Volvo, Bofors, Swedish Steel and a few more. But we dont claim to be the best. Some wrote that all countrys always in the end turns to the US for help. Sweden has never in mankinds history asked US for something, never. If we should need help may we ask Germany, France, UK or maybe the US. Who knows? I personally belive that the US market is a import based market, US made products are rare here in EU, some US cars are sold here but in small numbers. They are good as picups etc. but are know to have lower quality than other brands. Offen when saying this causes US people to shout out how bad all euro cars and bikes in response. But this is just how we see it. Russia and China are the new powers on the worlds scene and i peronally belive that the US glory days are over. But if i have to choose between the three, i will choose US all days in the week. We have much incommon and still are very different societys. So to be honest, it will only benefit the US to turn down the volume. I dont want to start a EU vs US debate, that is something that belongs to the past i hope.


For friendship from Sweden :smile:

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