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Please, as I am only a minimally skilled amateur mechanic, I can use all the collective wisdom of membership! Grateful for any response.


Please assume that WD40 has been liberally applied & left overnight prior to procedure.


My plan at this point: 1) punch dimple dead center in end of sheared bolt; 2) use three reverse-twist (left hand) drill bits of increasing size and with the very lightest touch of pressure to bore shallow hole in end of bolt; 3) If drilling itself does not start turning the bolt out enough to grab w/fingers or pliers, try using phillips screwdriver w/light pressure in hole to rotate it out; 4) Now if (3) does not work - and here is the step that makes me choke because of the notorious unreliability of the method, ie breaking the tool off in the hole in the end of the bolt - use one of those "extract-all" (or some such name) tools to grab inside the hole and rotate it out.


Next part: It appears (I am happy to be corrected) from sources already consulted, that something like 1/2-3/4 in (1-2 cm) of outward rotation will completely restore function of reverse. If bolt sticks out the greater length, should I not be able to screw on a locknut and then file the tip of the bolt so as to turn with a wrench? If bolt sticks out the shorter length, could I not cut a screwdriver slot in it and then fasten the lock nut?


I am sure that many members have faced similar situations and have just as many ways of doing this job. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Respectfully yours,


Setter Chauffer

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