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Ural M72 for sale


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I am selling my Ural M72 (year 1956) wich is completely rebuilt from zero. Price: 4500 euro (whitout shipping).


Rebuilt engine with new pistons, Goetze rings, new timing gear, rectified tapets, rectified valves and seats, new bearings, new 12V generator with electronic regulator, new 12V wiring, modified camshaft for centrifugal advanced distributor ( I have also the original distributor), new final exhaust.


The gearbox is in a very good condition, new bearings and seals. Final drive has new gears (8/37), new seals and the shaft has new cardan joint spider.


The wheels have new spokes, rectified drums, new brake shoes, new bearings, new russian tires and tubes. The front forkes has rectified pipes, new seals and new bushes. The rear suspensions have new pipes made from shock absorber steel by a turner, not chinese stuff made from "dead" iron.


The frame is in a very a good condition, it was not damaged and is powder coated. The bike was painted in 2013, the sidecar has new seat and it was not damaged.


For more informations you can ask or folow the link ( http://www.pro-bike....urare-ural-m72/ ) where you can find more than 500 hundred pictures with the rebuilt process. The bike has new documents recognized by UE legislation (Romania is in the European Comunity).





















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