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Accepting the Ural for what it is

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Perhaps this is not the place to post this but I have to say this about Ural motorcycles. They are beasts! I recently rode from Deadwood, SD to Mitchell, SD with only two problems and one of those was weather related. The other, my own fault.


I know it has been stated many times that the Ural is not, I repeat, not a highway bike. This is very true. It is more like a 1948 Jeep, it won't go fast and it won't get you there in great comfort, but it will get you there and take you places you wouldn't dare take your Harley. And it is reliable.


My ride was over 600 km and the only mechanical problem was a stuck throttle coming through Deadwood and I think that was because of the ice covering Natasha. Once I got to lower elevations, no problem at all. Natasha purred like a contented kitten all the way up until I ran out of gas about 64 km from Pierre. I over estimated my range. That was my fault. But Urals are indeed reliable if you can accept their limitations. post-37347-0-15319600-1396027172_thumb.jpg

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Sounds like you had an interesting ride. Riding a Ural is like driving a car with a gas gauge that stay's on E. Sometimes I get 200 km before I hit reserve and sometimes I get 180 km , it just depends on how I am riding the rig. One thing never changes. It is a blast to ride.

Thank for the ride report..


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Spirit walker, what happen when you ran out of gas is that you had some carb ice, when you develope carb ice it allows the carb to richen the fuel mixture GREATLY, the indication of this is black smoke from the tail pipe, the trottle sticking was an indication of carb ice also, because it will freeze the throttle to an open position. If when riding, you find power declining, black smoke, as discribed, stop the bike, and let the heat from the cylinders warm up the carbs. a couple of paper bags of the approiate size to fit over the cylinder will hasten the process, A camp fire will woork too, if you start it before it freezes again.....Ken

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