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M63 ressurection

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I have some pictures, the bike was in a very bad condition: ignition sistem was with some parts missing, the front wheel it is from a Dnepr bike, the steering bar is from Dnepr, exhaust was modified (a pipe with a small db killer), the tank is from an Ural M72, the front fender is shorter, the wiring was bad and heavily modified in the wrong way, the sadle was "crafted", etc.












I will rebuild this bike like the original model.

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I'm at the same sort of stage as you with my M66. I have used every link I could - can't see a detailed M66 parts catalogue so I've used later ones and earlier ones. I've also googled what I really want, like "Ural 650 camshaft" to get the detailed information on the net. Soviet Steeds has some good pictorial information, as does http://myural.com/index.htm and various people on this forum.

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I have measured the cylinders and they are like new, no sign of wear, not even 0,01mm. I will change only the piston rings.








But the cylinder heads are in a bad shape, the valves have signes of wear and the guides valves are broken. So, I will change these pieces with good quality parts, not russian, ukrainean or chinese spare parts.










Also, I have to change some bolts.

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I have "opened" the engine to search for problems. I have disassembled the clutch, it was a little dificult because of the screws who did not want to be loosen. So, I have welded a piece of iron wich I have used as a wrench key. The combination of welded iron an the heat helped me to loosen the screws.




To easily loosen the last to screws I have made a press for the clutch from two bolts:




On the clutch disks I have found some oil:




The flywheel seems to be new, it has some marks (probably a hammer) but there is no signs of wear on the clutch pins:




Because I was alone I have fixed the engine in the press in order to loosen the flywheel bolt:



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