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giant on a bike


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Hello everyone, I am Yetibob or Jeremiah if you prefer my real name. I am 6'8" tall and around 300lbs so you can see where the giant part comes in. I'm brand new here but I have always loved the classic Russian Motorbike with the side car. I honestly don't know much about them but I would love to build one if even just to own one. I recently came across another video online that perked my interests. It was of what looked to be an old military bike with a diesel engine. Was this just a modification someone made to their bike or were these made? Another, probably more important question is, will I even fit on one of these bikes (regular or diesel)?

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If there's a will, there's a way. Your size shouldn't be an issue in your enjoyment of the bikes. Saddle positions can be altered with use of bracketry and imagination. Diesels are home made - some much more imaginative and better executed than others. I liked this build (links above) - think it was particularly sweet. Punsun diesel looks the part...

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