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A Dnepr Load of Problems


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After hours of trying to adjust this distributor, I am now convinced that it is impossible to set correctly. I am now thinking of replacing it with an electric ignition.


I found this one on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/DNEPR-URAL-Elektr-ZUNDUNG-NEU-Electronic-ignition-/190521668326?pt=Motorrad_Kraftradteile&hash=item2c5bf9f2e6


Any suggestions?

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I noticed that on page one of this thread, in your picture of the points plate, there should be a hard plastic follower (tab) on the pivoting arm of the points which rides against the lobe of the timing device. Yours appears to have worn of or otherwise not present. Without this piece the point contacts will not open properly, the coil will not charge up properly and the ignition will be impossible to set. I could be wrong, but this is what I have observed.

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I glued some bits of carbon fiber rod to the point arm after when I first removed the starter the plastic follower broke apart. I figured it would work fine since I can still set the point gap, but it now looks like the carbon fiber isn't holding up to the wear and honestly I just don't want to mess with it anymore.


So until I can order a new one I'll work on the other many broke things. I'll start with the oil centrifuge, which I don't believe I assembled correctly. I can't really tell which gasket is which on the parts explosion. http://www.armycycles.com/images/Catalog/5large.jpg



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