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I guess an hello is in order.


Name is Ole, 21 years old and comes from Ostfold, Norway.


I have currently had the pleasure of owning an Dnepr MT11 and keeping an MT16 safe for a friend :)


And are currently helping a friend restore he's K750W i think it was, 1959 model or something with strange front dampers.


Right now i own an 1957 CJ750 custom R71 bike whermacht styled.


Started about two years ago with sidecars and they were my first bikes ever! So i still have a long way to go!


One of the main reasons for me buying a sidecar was that they are completly awesome and i am a ww2 reenactor, so i tought.. i really need one of these.

and then in 1-2-3 i was bitten by the sidecar bug!


Here is my Cj750 with custom front fender that follows the tire, reworked the rear fender to have the R71 style.. the fueltank is an K750 tank.

I am currently changing the whole bike to 6V removing the CJ engine replacing it with a K750 engine that i got for free that is in good condition!

And ofcourse the R71 airfilter is on the way. Allso changed the steeringbar to a more straight one for sidecars, bmw r12 i think it was. Allso made a wooden handle for fun and it looks more oldschool in my opinion.


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