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royal enfield


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I'm sorry to hear from you guys who've had troubles. I have found my Enfield to be very reliable (finally). I've fixed plenty of stuff, but now she seems pretty bulletproof. Starts every spring one or two kicks, even on stabilized gas. Most of my problems were electrical. Gradually I have replaced almost the whole harness with bigger gauge wire and better connectors. I wish I could get my M72 to the same state!

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Just came across this thread. I think the Royal Enfield is a natural addition to the Russian bike owner's stable. Just a quirky.


I bought a new 2012 Bullet 500 Classic Deluxe "Desert Storm" model in August of 2012. I've got just shy of 3,000 miles on it so far. It still starts on the first kick (It does have e-start). Nothing has fallen off yet (That single really vibrates). And it garners nearly the same amount of attention as my Ural does. Considering it only has 27 h.p., it easily tops the Ural for acceleration and top speed. I took it on one three-day trip of about 750 miles last September and it performed quite well.


Now that the Royal Enfield importer has dropped the price of all new models by more than $1,000 this year, there are some great deals out there.





Dan K.

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