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BMW Bing carburetor for dnepr MT 10-36


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I am looking to fit a set of Bing carbs (64/32/302) that I sourced from a scrap BMW to my 650 Ural so am finding this post an exellent source of info


If I buy the manifolds mentioned (http://www.ebay.co.u...M-/140914241793), I will still need the rubber adaptors and a set of throttle and choke cables.


If anyone knows of a supplier for all or any of these items please let me know

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I have measured the outer diameter of my Bing (64/32/302) carbs and they are 43mm




I have adaptors/manifolds for a set of Dellorto carbs which have an outer diameter of 35mm, so I suppose all I need is a set of rubbers to step up from 35mm to 43mm ?




The Bing actually fits over the adaptor/manifold, showing the size difference





Also, found this which may be of interest ...


A guide on servicing the Bing carbs



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I used the original BMW rubber sleeves and the BMW hose clamps on mine. They are cheap and available at any BMW dealer. The sleeves will compress enough to make up the difference in size between the adapters and the carbs. This setup has lasted 2+ years and 10,000km+ without a problem.

I tried the Mikuni rubber fittings, they cracked after a while...

The BMW throttle cables were a direct fit for my early throttle assembly as well.....


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I also used the BMW 2 into 1 choke cable assembly off a 1982 or newer Airhead and a right hand choke lever from a 1" handlebar Triumph.....

This will only work for the post 1982 carbs with a return spring on the choke.

If you have early carbs, you will need the Magura choke lever from a 1970 - 1981 Airhead.

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I have been wrestling with getting these carbs to fit the manifolds I have but the size diference between the manifold (35mm) and the BMW (43mm) rubber manifold is to great


I need a set of manifolds that will fit the Ural 650 heads and be close enough to the 43mm diameter of the Bing carbs (64/32/302)


Where did you get your manifolds from, they llok just the job ?

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They should be easier to find the UK - Use new BMW rubber sleeves and the correct BMW clamps (don't cheap out, the hardware store clamps won't fit very well) - They are a few mm smaller in diameter but with new rubber it won't be a problem. New rubber diaphragms are a good idea too, if the carbs have been sitting for a long time. They won't run right if they are stiff or cracked...

I have been running mine for a couple of years and 10,000k with no leaks or other issues. Be prepared to change jets and needle settings as they will run rich if set up for a BMW. Good Luck!

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The pictures from January are of my bike....

Any shop selling British bikes will have access to the manifolds.

They were $25 US each.

Your local BMW dealer will have the cables and rubber parts.

Plan on a rebuild for the carbs if they have been sitting a while or out in the weather.

At a minimum, replace he rubber diaphragms.

Don't cheap out, buy the BMW hose clamps, they are the correct width and size.

Still starts first kick and is running great...but still lacks the power needed for serious off road riding.

This winter I am replacing the motor with my spare BMW R100 engine...

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