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anti-seize and sparkplugs

peter hayden

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It's my habit to put anti-seize compound (Neverseize) on spark plug threads. I'm thinking that the steel threads on the plugs could weld themselves to the aluminum threads in the head, and I really don't want to rip the threads out of the head. So today, as I was putting the plugs back in after adjusting the valves, I wondered what's the affect on the electrical ground for the plug.


So, what's the collective wisdom of the board? 1. Use anti-seize to protect the threads in the head. 2. Don't use anti-seize because it interferes with the grounding of the plug.



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One we use is copper ease. I'm guessing the name is an indication of what's in it :-) Keeps my threaded parts from welding themselves together, gets absolutely everywhere on me, despite my only using the merest tiniest smidge on my figertips and has an uncanny ability to hide when I get washed and resurface when I sit on our couch in the house....leading to a stain to be found my my wife's eagle eyes.


I find it's also good on battery terminals though vaseline means I leave less mess and so get into much less trouble ;-)

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I've used anti-seize on spark plug threads for decades, with no problems, and no welded threads.

And is does seem to get all over everything unless surgical care is exercised!


There exist different compounds, as noted above. The copper-based stuff is good and often used in marine environments, too.

Good goop to use: Saves your head.


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Just be sure to leave the first two or three threads free of anti-sieze to prevent any from getting into the cylinder. Also, you might consider using a toothbrush with grease on it to clean any loose stuff out of the plug hole. The grease should capture the crud, preventing it from getting into the cylinder.


Oh, and check for cracks around the plug hole while you're at it. That's where they're most likely to show up.

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