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dnepr model differences

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I'm pretty new to all things Dnepr. I've been reading the posts, but haven't seen anything describing the differences between the models. I see MT9, MT11, MT16, etc. What are the main differences between them? Are the designations chronological, or major differences like the difference between an old Chevy Impala and the Nova? Is one more geared for slow, offroad use and another more for paved roads? Thanks in advance.

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I would add, the Mt-9 seems to be the best of my fleet. Motor smooth as glass and build quality seems to be top notch. She is a 6v but don't let that scare you. Millions of them were/are putting around with no ill effect. Other than the lights not being up to driving on a dark road, she does not seem to know that popular opinion saws she should be unfit for use. I would not take the 6v is no good crowd too serious. They were designed as 6v machines, they run fine and when properly cared for, seem to last forever. Folks on the site may remember my MT-12, which was a 6v machine that I was thinking of changing to 12v. I did not do it. I now have 3 6v machines and do not worry one bit. More than you wanted to know I am sure.... SB#3

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