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wiring diagram

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I am glad you asked this because I just realized I hadn't moved my wiring diagram from my old laptop. I tried to use the search here and struck out. I think that when they split this section into two parts, it got messed up for an easy search. Just to tell you before some one gets snarky, you are in the old bike section and need to ask this question in the new section . It isn't very intuitive for new members and I am not sure it is an improvement. If someone doesn't help you before I get back, I'll look up my diagram for you but now I have to go tile my bathroom. Whee.

Sorry I wasn't more help.

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David's last post referred to a 2006.  I don't know how much good it will do since that was a different company and different engine, but since it was easy to get from the IMZ site and it may help some,


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I have schematics for 1999 Urals which is probably closer to a 2002 as this was the last year Russian switchgear was used on the handlebars. The main issue with these schematics is they are broken down by function. However the board won't let me post even one as they are larger than 7.74 KB (which is nothing). If you want leave me your email address in the message area at the top of the screen and I will email them to you.

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