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Ken Ulrich

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Some may recall my friend, Mark Schmidt, who joined me here in march of 2010, Mark was a pleasure to work with, be around with, share a ride with, and he passed instantly after a collision with a deer, his wife was severely injured, For awhile her life was in question, she recovered and last fall we went to the FART Rally, then to the Dragon, where Mark and I had planned to go shortly before his death. On a beautiful fall morning, we cast his ashes by the Dragon,

Mark and Cindy have three children, the youngest, a girl, born with a hole in the heart, barely survived, at a late night camp fire, shareing a few drinks, Mark spoke of her lovingly....." and she is a tiger" he said. Two weeks later the accident, I spoke to her on the phone a few hours later, she accepted the news that her father had passed and her mom was in very critical condition, I understood what Mark had said, an understatement. There were no whimpers.

When she was 14 she met Jason, he was 19, they became friends, there was a group that "hung out togather", typical small town group, as they got older and shared more and more, they started making long term plans. Jason a quiet hard worker, going to trade school and working full time, saving money for the future.

Three years ago the bomb dropped, Jason was found to have Hodgkins lymphoma. The plans were put on hold. Chemo, radiation, stem cell, expermential drugs, many trips to Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn. sickness. Aneliese quietly stayed close and took care of him, never complaining to anyone, by now she is out of school, working full time and going to school nights. To care for him better, they move in togather, just accross the street from Cindy in a small two room apartment in November. Jason would have good days and bad. They planned the wedding for June, sent out the invitations. Wedding dress, cake and all the other thousand things, I saw disaster looming.......

Two and a half weeks ago Jason has a very bad set back, the cancer is attacking his blood cells, massive transfusions of whole blood now keep him alive, he is passing blood clots. Doctor's say a few weeks......

They moved the wedding to yesterday evening, by now Jayson can't walk, he is in a wheel chair, pain is bad, he dosen't complain, but regular morphine is needed....he dosen't ask for it, but Ann liese can see it in his eyes...she takes care of it.

At Wausau Aspirus Hospital, Sat, April 13th, the minister, with tears in his eyes, and many others also........watched as this quite young lady became the wife of a very sick man whom is the love of her life...she is strong and smiling, holding his hand, looking beautiful in the white wedding gown, seated next to him in his wheelchair, the tall IV tower next to him. .....I thought of Marks quip, about "being a tiger"......Yes a very gentle Tiger, a determind Tiger, A loving Tiger. She is my Hero, I have never met a young women who would have carried this situation to this end, absolutely no thoughts for herself......

After the sun, always comes the the rain........In the three years that Jayson has endured all the pain and treatments, Their pockets are empty, those who have endured a similar situation well know. This couple are too proud to accept hand outs, wedding gifts are mostly cash, dearly needed, my thoughts wandered.

In this man cave of bike lovers, which Mark, her dad was a 12 month Ural rider, are there some soft hearts, who could find it within their means to send a nice well wishes, wedding card to Jason and Aneliese?

Kindly address them to Jason and Aneliese Graap ....Send them to me, Ken Ulrich 1486 County Rd. DB, Mosinee,Wisc. 54455 Cindy and I will present them to the couple at the hospital To those who can respond Thank you, to those who find the times difficult, a prayer would do as well.

My thanks again to one and all.....Ken Ulrich

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Ken, in case you were unaware, Minot Piper expired recently at age 82. He had not ridden his Ural in the past few months, but that didn't keep him from enjoying the thought of it. He didn't suffer long when he was on Hospice. We drove to the nursing home in Brownwood to see him the day Pilar, his wife, said he was not doing well. He expired before we could get there. He was a great friend to have and he always spoke well of all the calls he shared with you. I'll miss him, as he was oneof a kind when you got to know him. Anyone riding a Ural at age 82 has to be one of a kind. It is tough to lose a friend, especially a fellow foilist. IN addition, he previously also owned and drove a Dnepr which he gave away to his nephew about a year or so back.


Piper on chitty, chitty, bang, bang by coupe1942, on Flickr


Piper at his first car show by coupe1942, on Flickr


Pilar and Miniot Piper on his Ural Tourist by coupe1942, on Flickr

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I was thinking of him this week, hadnt heard from him in a while, wow life goes by so quick, give my thoughts to the family......Regards Ken

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Sadly, at age 25, Jason Graap passed away, April 24th, with Aneliese and family by his side. There were married 11 days. Life can be real cruel. Thats for your thoughts and prayers....Ken

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it's so sad when friends are lost-my condolences.

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