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M72 engine and gear box for sale

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It will fit any KMZ, IMZ, Chang Jiang etc frame. Might need a longer driveshaft on swingarm KMZ frames (frames originally with the Dneprglide transmission). It would be nice in a solo and I know of a Dnepr MT-10-36 and a Ural M-63 rolling chassis so I'm tempted, but daughter No. 1 needs a car for work and Uni so I know where SWMBO will expect my little spare cash to go, and it's not into a solo bike for me.

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Has anyone taken this motor and gearbox off your hands? I have a gearbox in need of a rebuild and a motor that could do with it before it is in need of one. Fortunately I have a M72 Bitsa which is the same model as your engine, can't believe my luck. I'll try and message you directly, I'm sure it is possible, otherwise I'll keep checking this site.


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