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Oil Capacity Dnepr


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Not sure, never thought about it. I have 2 with deep sumps and always put 2.5 litres in , then run the engine and adjust levels to suit. One engine has external filter and the other has a slinger, so capacities are different on mine. The other bikes have standard sumps with oil slingers and take a fairly standard 2.2 litres.

Might be an idea if you carefully measured what you put in your bike next time you do an oil change? Or maybe Ken will chip in on this one, he sells deep sumps so would be in the best position to advise

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Thanks..going to write this on the garage wall. :)

Its hard to find this info online , try to google and see what pops up.

Go round and round in circles.

I have the slinger and while adjusting the valves , noticed moisture in the oil..

No doubt from taking the bike out in the snow just for a run.

If I found a drop in the valve covers when I removed them , what's in the pan.

Cant wait to see..when I change the oil

Whats your favorite oil.when I bought the bike 7 years ago , the owner was running straight 50

But I switched to 20w50

I use 20-50 in the cooler months and 50 w in the summer..

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