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ural 2x3 wheeling in new snow

Marks ural

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Hey, took the 2012 Ural Patrol in its first snow. 2x3 wheeling (is that a correct term?) She started right up, the temp was in the lower 20's, from a unheated garage. I was surprised how well she steers in the snow with the sidecar drive wheel engaged. I thought that it would be a bear and tend to cut straight lines. I feel comfortable to take it on the roads with some caution. This is a amazing fun machine. Check out a short clip on U-TUBE

Enjoy and safe wheeling, Mark.

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hello all, well the snow has been and gone in South Wales,and it was fun while it lasted...one time when i got stuck in the snow near a road junction,the kids stopped their snowball fighting to help me out of my predicament! it was great to see the kids,all with smiles on their faces,huffing and puffing till i got free,and slewed on my way again.I love the snow,it turns me into a big kid.

ride safe and free. martyn,Aberdare. :smileywaving:

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