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post-136-0-15638700-1358281321_thumb.jpgHi Everyone,


My name is Mike, I am an engineer by trade, I live in San Clemente, CA.


I joined some time ago, but wanted to introduce myself.


There are 3 bikes in the garage these days, most relevant to this forum is a Dnepr MT16 that I bought from Vostok motors a couple of years ago.

Mitch treated my very well and I am very happy with the bike.


I have been riding it pretty much daily as I live at the beach and it is perfect for around town.

It has been fairly trouble free over the last 8000 KM, with several trips to Mammoth, Laughlin and Borrego Springs under its belt.


I have replaced the Russian alternator with a Denso using the adapter from Jorge in Germany, this fix was needed badly and was the key to having some lasting reliability.


I am currently rebuilding the motor with a NOS MW650 crank and 10/36 pistons and cylinders, I am replacing the Russian bearings with C3 bearings throughout and Western seals.

Maybe it won't drip (so much) on the driveway when I am done in a couple of weeks.


Been using Vadim in the Ukraine for parts (motowadim2010 on e-bay) and have found him to be very reliable and not one to substitute Chinese or second rate parts without asking.


As long as it is apart, I am also replacing the cam with a NOS unit from an MT9 that I found, with the intention of running a manual advance and PM05 distributer.

I am looking forward to this mod as the cam lobes are very different with much longer duration.

I have been running the Mixing Bowl points though a Ford TFI module with great success, I will run the new setup through this also.

The TFI saves the points from burning, removes the condenser from the equation and allows the use of any coil, very cool mod, a $20 uber reliable electronic ignition.


I swapped the carbs out for a set of 32mm CV Bings off one of my old BMWs using modified Kawasaki rubber manifolds. Much better carbs, it runs really well with 1 kick starting most days.

The other things I have done are cosmetic using old stock lights, levers and gas tank.

There have been a lot of old bikes in the garage over the last few years, the Dnepr has been the most fun!


I seem to be running in a bubble out here in the land of fruits and nuts, it would be great to hear from others with similar bikes


Thanks for a great site!



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Hi my name is Mark, I am in Oceanside California just down the coast from San Clemente.

I recently bought a Dnepr mt11? Needing motor work, I am now waiting on parts.

I work for the Gov teaching young marines and sailors how to maintain and repair there own cars,trucks,bikes,boats,ect.

I knew I wanted a hack last year when I was showing my little honda custom chopper


at one of our many local classic auto and bike shows in Encinitas and I saw a early BMW sidecar bike. I found this Dnepr for sale locally and it's owner was moving and was really motivated to sell!

I have lately been into small Hondas and have done several the last 4 years, you can see some on one of my 2 blogs for bikes, and many more on google+ as Mark Eckert.


This bike has been fun to work on as far as it seems easier than the old jap stuff I have been into lately! I hope to get her back running soon.

This forum has already helped me out with lots or good info and contacts on these cool bikes! Now I hope that driving one is still as fun as a 2 wheeled bike! I have had fun riding the old jap 3 wheeler type of ATC and survived crashing those through the sagebrush so hay it can't be that bad. I have pics here as Gadgitman.

Hay Mike in San Clemente where do I get good crank bearings?

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Hi Mark,


Strangely, the big Ukrainian bearings don't seem too bad.

That said, I would never run them when there is an option to use something else.

The Russian seals in my opinion are terrible.


These are what I have ordered from, http://www.vxb.com/


NJ209 Nachi Cylindrical Roller Bearing Steel Cage Japan 45x85x19 Cylindrical Bearings - $42.88

6209 Nachi Bearing Open C3 Japan 45x85x19 Ball Bearings $15.88


I have used them a few times and they seem to have the best prices for decent bearings.


I buy seals from http://www.rocketseals.com/

They are a bit pricey, but they always stock what I have needed...


Ping me some time, I am in O' Side quite often, I would like to see your project...


Have big fun!



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I am kimmo , 43 year electronics mechanic. I live in Finland.


Sorry my language skills, speaking is easier than writing.finland is bilingual, but the second language is Swedish, it is not part of the Coastal Swedes (humor), hobbies are rally cars, motorcycles, drinking beer and good company .. of course, also a Finnish sauna , every day


What had to tell ..


I'm driving Dnepr mt-16, an improved weak original parts.

* Carburetor Dellorto DHLA42,self-made manifold

* grenade charger

* front suspension HD Sporster

* double disc front brakes HD

*Tank... HD

And a few little things ... picture -> http://www.russianir...llery&album=277


Bike nickname "poslin " :laugh:


The second wheel is Dnepr mt-11, the original ( Black )


Project is a trike. combines the Dnepr / Ural and German car, which will be the rear axle. pictures later.no springs


I am a Finnish member of the mc uralroikka


Forum member instructed me to nickname "temppu" .,


Nice forum. thank's.. :smileywaving:


maps finland.


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Hi folks my name is scott and I am new to Russian Iron. In reply to this topic I will tell you a bit about me and my rides.


I am a motorcycle instructor by trade, I started riding geared bikes when I was 5 years old which my dad supported as he was a motorcycle engineer at the time and now 41 years later we still build and ride bikes together!


my rides are 1979 URAL MT-11 BOBBER ( SEE IN GALLERY )

2009 BMW R1200RT






I have never ridden a Ural until last year but really like the raw feel to them, did put some Bing carbs and uprated electrics as it seem to be the thing to do and now it runs great.


Well its very nice to meet you all and I hope everybody has a great 2013.


Best regards Scott

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i'd like to say a big HELLO! to all the new members!!!!

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Hi - my name is Pete Miller and I live in Los Angeles and currently own no 3 or 2 wheeled vehicles. I have been wanting to get a bike for a while as evidenced by the cover of a book I published last year...



Recently, a coworker told me to google Ural, so I did. Wow! That was it. I went to the Long Beach MC show and checked the bike out in person. Now I am just saving up for the down and hope to be able to get one this year. Looking at the Patrol T in black... but... that Retro black beauty is so sexy!



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