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I went and bought one more bike... This time i find M72 1961. It´s not orginal, and that´s why i gonna rebuild that.

Idea of this project is that i use parts what i got in my garage, i try to spend less money :)

Let´s see what i find:


Eeh, not my taste :)


Then i sit down and take one good smoke...

Ideas start come.

Here i have made some changes...



After i got finaly version, i have made some promises. I will paint that with something radically.

Well :) Color world of this bike is...... purple / black.

So freehand painted, without any tape:

Here´s the idea.

Painted frame:



And story goes on... More is coming...


Should i clean my garage?? :D

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I hope you took some pictures! Have seen Ural-Moto out of St Petersburg offering tours of Western Russia and Finland. Do you all know anything about those tours? And about that summer in Finland, it is still snowing out west in the mountains in the US! Good luck staying warm!

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