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I was browsing the net as usual for info about Nikita (M72 1953), and as usual I ended up at

GoodKarma reading all the goodies there... I have put new PZ28D:s on Nickie and I remembered that I have read about re-jetting PZ:s for OHV and SV... I found this gold nugget...












Of course I was interested but I don't know much about jet codes, and in the text it's mm. So I tried to find a cross reference chart to understand what codes I should look for. Everything I found was in inches... So I took one and translated inch to mm:s.




Hope it helps anyone else also...
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Very nice but it really doesn't mean that you can jump from one jet maker to another that easy. The tapers up to and after the hole are different and so therefor is the discharge co-efficient and so how much the jet will flow. Bottom line is you will have to experiment. Looking on the bright side these things are so tolerant that you probably won't notice minor inacuracies. After all K68s work...............

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I'm going to buy some 8mm jets and do some experimenting and needed to know what codes 0.95-0.97mm had, it was just a coincident that I found a list with Mikuni and DynoJet beside Keihin. It makes sense that it would be different between the brands... More to test = More fun!...


Has anyone done any jetting around with 24mm PZ24-K37?...

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