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Victor Alternators 12V50Amps 600W


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I met Victor "Rocknroll", the gentleman with a cap: post-789-0-40861300-1353953303_thumb.jpg at our Commy and Sidecar meeting in 2008.

Already in this 2008 picture you can spot a different alternator than the standard 12V 14 Amps 424.


Since then he has home built for several Dnepr owners this hibrid alternator, from here on called Victor alternator.

It is virtually a Koreean Daewoo car alternator that fits on the 12V Dnepr and Ural engines by means of the Soviet 424aternator's front housing.post-789-0-70134700-1353953868_thumb.jpgpost-789-0-46553400-1353953926_thumb.jpg



This unit is shorter than the 424 or the 35Amps bomb giving more room for the fuel lines.

It supplies 600W, giving a bright light at idle.

Thanks to the standard 424's front housing and pinion (on the machined automotive shaft) the Victor alternator bolts right onto a Dnepr engine - and an Ural's (using the appropriate Ural pinnion), and is adjustable by rotation.


About reliability, since 2008 not one of about 10 delivered has failed. Here are 2 examples:




So here they are, there's a stock of 2 right now, it's $200 or 150 Euros plus shipping per one.

The components aren't brand new, but checked to be in good condition. The casings might have scratches, the pinion is not gonna be new (which is good considering the 424 pinions of today), you can put your own pinion from your very own fried 424. It will just be easy to install give you lots of juice and have car part reliability.

We still have to figure out payment and shipping methods. PM me.


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I am really glad to see some alternatives to the original unit.


Never could get the original Russian POC to work for very long on my MT16, after 2 new and a rebuilt 424 died in a 6 month period, I put a ND from a Kawasaki with a German cush drive adapter in my bike, no issues, lots of juice. Haven't looked back.


This one is cheaper, looks a bit more compact than mine and is probably just as reliable.


Getting rid of the original alternator was the single best modification I have made....bar none...

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I am writing on behalf of Victor as my dad is not very good at English :-)

Gr8lite: please give more details. I am not sure what you mean.



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If I were to buy one of your alternators , do I need to send you back a old 424 so that you can use the front section for another conversion?

Or do you offer any credit if I were to buy one of your alternators and send you back two 424 alternators for you to convert?


Or do I send you my 424 for you to convert and get a discount?


Thanks !

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@Gr8lite: Victor's got a few 424 front housings still and I can help him with some more. If you were to send 2 over, shipping would cost.

@Jim.mt10: they are Daewoo Tico alternators, a real Koreean roadster :D . Besides the 424 housing&car alt there's also a machined flange to mate.

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Hi everybody. What is the volume of rework to combine the MT alt front housing and Daewoo Tico alt together? Can I do it by myself?

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if you've got a lathe, a mill, raw material, the TICO alt, the busted 424 alt, small bits and pieces (VIctor's built a stationary running the alts for testing but you won't need it if you're doing it for yourself) then think about it, design it.

If you don't have them around it might not be worth the trouble, just order one from VIctor, his profit margin is maybe 15% which is modest considering the limited production, I wouldn't bother but he's retired-.

I don't think VIctor would mind others producing alts like this, but as long as it's theese ingredients above, that's Victor's ideea, whoever starts fabricating it call it Victor Alt.


About 10 alts have been delivered since the original post.

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