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Vostok Motors - winding down


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I want to update everybody on what is going on with my Dnepr business, Vostok Motors. My current inventory is down to 8 motorcycles and some parts and components. I am vacating my current warehouse and shop space and have an arrangement with a respected Dnepr man to take many or perhaps all of the inventory but probably not all the remaining motorcycles and probably not the custom 2-Dnepr trailer that I must also sell.


This has been a good year and the business is fun (most of the time) but I am ready for a break. Probably no surprise to everyone that there is a fairly big administrative overhead to a business like mine, which is actually three businesses in one.


Here are some or most of the remaining bikes:


2 yellow MT-11 kickstart only OHV Dnepr, refinished yellow w/black frame. One has mismatch tank in camo or OD finish. $2200 each

1 gray MT-11 similar to yellow but w/oxidized finish (gone flat) $2000

1 older Ural (Green), bench seat, nicely refinished in Ukraine, complete but not running, partially disassembled. $2800

1 older Ural (traditional Blue), nice paint, storage grime, complete but not running, partially disassembled. $2800

1 deluxe MT-16 2WD gloss OD w/leading link front end, RU disc brake, 35A alternator (yes, the hand grenade) $3800

1 deluxe MB-650 flathead 2WD elec starter ($5500) reserved for customer

1 super-deluxe K-750 gloss black flathead elec starter German ign upgr $6000

1 trailer converted lg boat, for 2 sidecar m/c or other vehs - new tires - $1500 or FREE if you buy 2 motorcycles


Many thanks to all my friends and colleagues out there!


Mitch Brown




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You are one of the finest men that I have ever met.

You have treated me and my son like Kings. I will always remember the kindness that you have shown us.


Folks, I have a fleet of Vostok 'Nippers and love them all.....


I will miss Mitch like crazy.. Won't seem like winter without a Vostok project in the shop...


God Bless Mitch...


Bob in Pride, La.

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It figures that I am in Baghdad NOW of all times. Best wishes moving forward.


I am a PROUD owner of a MB650 from Vostok Motors - my daughter Naomi thinks of it as "her" sidecar!


Thanks again.


Your friend,


Jonathan hi -- great to hear from you! Keep your 4th point of contact down. -- Mitch

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Dang, sorry to hear this. My dream bike is a flattie Dnepr or Ural or maybe even a CJ. I always figured when I've saved enough money Vostok would be the place to go. With your good reputation and your reasonable prices. I liked the idea of starting with a complete runner that can be easily papered for the road. Oh well too bad for me. In any case I wish you well on your next endeavor.



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Hi Mitch, Sorry to see you go, you and Pat have been agreat help with my MT16. Shortly after receiving my bike from you I had mechanical problems, busted cam and holed piston. At this nintynine+ percent of the people selling forty year old bikes would have said,' Hey it's forty years old, what do you want'. You sent me parts you had to help in the repair and you and Pat walked me through the take down, ya'll are a wealth of knowledge and will be missed. I thank you and would not trade my MT16 for anything. I've attached a pic of the bike as she looks today.






Mitch, Pat


I want ot say


Thank you




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