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People who reply to an email and the only content of the email is "Thank You" should be taken out of their home in the middle of the night and shot dead in the street. Their body should be left their to bloat and rot, for all to see.



thank you,


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Care to elaborate :huh2: ...thats as vague as a "Thank You" email :smileypopcorn:



It's just pointless. Two words that I don't care about. Now i have to open that email and read these two words which were implied anyway, and delete it. Thanks for wasting my time. No thank you, keep your two words. Now take Ebay for example, those instances where the buyer has a question. OK, so i answer the question and they reply back and say "thank you". AHHHHHH!!!!! I can't believe it. Now if i don't respond to their trite, little, stupid response Ebay thinks I have ignored the buyer. Screw Ebay.


I am starting the Coalition to End Emails That Say Thank You. Spread the word if you want to be a member and stop people from wasting precious time dicking around with two word emails.


God have mercy.

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