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Any Ural Owners In Orenburg, Russia ?!


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I am moving to Orenburg, Russia at least partime later this summer 2012. Any Ural owners from this

site in Russia and/or aroung Orenburg ???


Wisconsin to Orenburg, and going to drag a Ural over there If I cant find a good one "in country"


Give me a shout out







Contrary to popular belief: Russia is really an awesome place ! Low taxes, virtually no property tax, the police

dont hassel you - really ! Food is cheap, the roads suck, the people dont chase money like we do, living is certainly less

stressful...........its like, moving into a 1950's moral system, with 1970's technology, modern fashion, and the best night

clubs you could ever find...... also the young people are more quiet than we are and more respectful ! If you are just a normal person, you will love it, if you are big liberal, or some person with an agenda to push and want to make lots of noise.... you will hate it ! = ))


P.S.S: Also, no capital gains tax, and no inheritance tax

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If I could find a supportable income in Russia, I would be there like a shot - I traveled in Russia, The Ukraine and Georgia in the seventies and eighties - it was a great place, even under the Soviets. I haven't been back for a while, but still have close friends I email with. Unfortunately I cannot take my pension with me.. Only pays in the US.

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Ragman, why not have it deposited in US Bank and use a card to withdraw, or simple funds transfer? There has to be a way...

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