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Parts from Holopaw Ural in Florida


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I bought a Ural Sportsman new back in 1998 from a dealer in Wisconsin that is no longer in business.


Recently I needed some parts that are pretty much misc small stuff. Mostly odds and ends and extras for my stash. I called/contacted 3 dealers that are highly spoken of on this fourm. One never returned my call, one sent me an email 1 week later saying they did not have anything I requested, the last one answered the phone but also could not get anything I needed.


Then.........theres Holopaw Ural in Florida (Holopaw Corvette). I called at about 2 in the afternoon, he called me back the next day about 10am. I sang out my laundry list to him on the phone while driving. Amazingly, he had everything on my list in stock!

This guy is about the most friendly and informed dealer I have met !!! I BS'ed with this fine gentleman for 30 minutes

about various parts, and every question I could think of...... just a solid and awsome guy all the way around.


This is the perfect example of a "right" motorcycle dealer and business man in general. Even though I am from Wisconsin, any parts

I need I will call him, I dont care about the extra postage. If I need a new bike, I will drive the the F250 superduty down there

with the trialer and pull it back. Holopaw is the real deal !


Happy riding !


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I absolutely agree with everything you said about Gene. I just rattled off a list of parts I needed to get my grenaded 650 running again. Between gene being able to find the good condition used parts, and new stuff, it will be on the road within a few more days.

I also can recommend Terry Crawford. My heads needed some work, but I didn't want to get a new set, he sold me a good used set that just needed a little cleaning. Got them and the parts from Gene within 3 days and everything was great.

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