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I figured it doesn't matter..so I just picked one on the light connections.

In other news>

I can't tell you how frustrated I am right now.

I have a full week off from work(so I have time to work on the rig)...the weather is actually above freezing for the first time in 6 months(I could ride without 15 layers of ######e on)...and I am STILL waiting on a part I purchased from a Russian seller back on Feb 23.

I have had minor parts, purchased weeks after this missing one, from sellers in Russia and China already arrive..but the one part I NEED (replacements for the rockers in the valve train) are in transit now over a month.


The worst part is the Russian Post tracking system has no record of them any longer.


I have rage in my heart.....

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Well...Less than joyful news.

I got no compression in the outboard(left) jug.

After doing some trouble shooting I have established the exhaust valve to be bent all kinds of outta whack, therefore...not seat/sealing.

Every-time I try to kick up some compression, it wheezes out the exhaust valve.

As chronicled here...http://www.russianiron.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14890&hl=


Since Melee, my Wife and #1 Monkee, wants to get rolling as much as me...I am picking up a 'new to me' head with valves assembly offa FleaBay.

Hopefully have an update within a week or so...


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I got the compression issues fixed....now new drama.

New heads, new rings, honed bores, new carbs.

Got good compression (90 psi cold, both sides).

Pretty blue spark.

So I went to set the timing statically.

First got the timing mark up in the window...

then went to check/adjust the plate if needed.

Well...the closest I can get is a bit north of 10degrees advanced.

I am at the limit of the adjustment.


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Well...I'm back.


I fear the Crawler is not long for my garage....I still have not got it up and doing as it should.

I am looking at a 2007 Patrol, and think I might be moving/upgrading into a 750.

So that's a yea!/boo moment.


Anyone want a mostly disassembled Sportsman?


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$$ is gonna be little...like under $1000 probably...this is less a 'rig' and more a large collection of parts and a frame.

As I say, it is mostly disassembled and just sitting around.

Other projects (ones that actually made money rather than cost...hehehe) kinda took over my time.

Mostly I want it to go someplace to someone who will make it live again.

It did it's job for me, and got me hooked on having a rig...I just upgraded is all.

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