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Vin # of Dnepr from vin plate


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To my surprise, the frame number at the rear shock area does indeed match the number on the plate in the picture.


Title isn't an issue, I'm all set. I am simply interested in learning more about the period the bike was made. From the documentation I found online, the K63/65 carbs were used 1985-1997, so perhaps I can at least date the machine to that period (or at least the engine).


Thanks for the feedback.

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Having a title on these bikes is all that really matters since they were brought here in parts. I love it


My "tag" don't match anything on the bike, and it also has an assembled VIN plate from the state of MI.

I'm going to put the MI assigned Vin onto an aftermarket Plate [not forging nor altering] just so it looks nice.

The dip###### that attached the MI Assembled "tag" put it onto the Headlight housing!!!!! Dumb and Dumber!!!!

As long as there is No Attempt to Defraud nor deface...you are OK..

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Can you tell what year the engine is by the number.  I've got a registered 1969 bike.  Supposedly military, but only has a mix of military/civilian stuff on it.  2 wheel drive w/sidecar.  Engine case is T448019,  Original owner says he bought it in 75 or so on a pallet and put it together.  He's made various mods over the years.  Not sure where to find a vin or a frame number.

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