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The Trials & Tribulations of Black Powder Shooting


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My Lyman rifle is a 1 in 66" twist.


That's not enough twist to get juice from a lemon slice, let along stabilize a elongated bullet. So you're limited to patched balls shooting it.


The balls don't have near the knock down power for hunting that minnie ball type bullets do. Often the balls are just 1/3 the weight of a hunting bullet. They sell spare barrel assemblies for these rifles in faster twists. But I never hunt. The older I get, the more vegetables I eat. Meat is just a side dish for me now. So I'll stay happy with the inexpensive round ball lead shot.


I may pick up a spare barrel in the original 1 in 66" twist though just to have as a spare. This old rifle was owned by a guy who loved target shooting and was very active in his local club. I notice it's easier to start a patched ball down the bore of the old rifle than it is in the new pistol. The pistol feels a couple thousandths tighter. The barrels are reasonably priced. But on the other hand, it shot well. May just enjoy it for what it is.

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Trust me. With a .54 cal rifle shooting roundballs is NOT anything near a handicap! RB's shoot flatter and, in the larger calibers, have tons of knockdown power when needed. You have the best of everything with the setup you have. You can load it down; you can load it hot. It will do great with both extremes. ENJOY!


Sarge :wino:

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Smart arse...o.k., o.k....maybe I shoulda said a "honey processing plant"...not to be confused with an apiary.

HelloIMZman,i thought a honey processing plant was a whore house! :)

ride safe and free.martyn,aberdare. :feelssogood:

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