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'Russian' club


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I came across an Australian site on the 'net for Russian bikes, but unfortunately it seems rather secretive since it wants money before you get to see anything at all.


Is anyone here familiar with the site I'm referring to? Sorry, I didn't save the URL, I'll have to find it again if I'm being too vague.

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you must be talking about the RMOA, you have to be a financial member of the club to access its Members site: http://rmoamembers.multiply.com otherwise you just see the heading, not the rest of the site.


There's a public info site for the RMOA at http://rmoa.multiply.com


or are tyou talking about the bcozz site at http://bcozz.multiply.com it's free to join, just dont choose the premium option. You also get your own website to play with.

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