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Dnepr Speedo


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Hello floks, I'm at a loss here. I've gone through two speedometers on my Dnepr. The drive input keeps twisting off, never seen this type of failure before let alone twice on one bike. The original speedo lasted about 1300 KM before failure, it was showing 1629 when I took ownership of the bike. The last speedo was showing 1 KM when I installed it and failed the sme way at 114 KM. It was a little noisy at first but quieted down after a few KM's. I suppose that have sat on a shelf for 20 plus years has it's own issues. Maybe the russian grease gets too had or ???. I have a third on order and plan to open it up for a complete clean and lube before install. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Well, the new speedo showed up Friday. I opened up the bezel and undid the two screws holding the clock works in the housing. With an old cable and drill I was able to spin it up. Right away I could tell that the fossilized remains of the grease was preventing it from spinning as smoothly as it should. I used a combination of carb cleaner and contact cleaner with a brush and compressed air I was able to clean it up pretty good. I used new grease and some light machine oil to relub the works. Upon install the next morning and a test ride it worked flawlessly and smooth. No jumping needle or strange sounds. The down side is the odometer isn't working now. It worked on the bench so I figure this weekend I'll have another look inside.


I'll let you know what I find.

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