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2009 F.A.R.T. Rally


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Another great Rally in the history books with only one Mechanical incident rendering a bike down for the weekend. The rain held off overall with just a few minor showers here at there. We took a bunch of pictures although the camera apparently "forgot" some of them as they won't load on the computer. For those pictures we do have I'll post them as soon as I figure how to get them all on the site - perhaps the gallery section. Great to see everyone who turned out and those who didn't hope to see you at the next one!!




Ok, got some pictures posted although one at a time - what a pain. Under "gallery" then "Rallies" then I think "FART" and lastly in the folder "FART 2009"!

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Donna and I got home at 8:30 last night. Thats a long drive, but worth it! We had a great weekend! It was terrific seeing all of you there. I'd say there were a dozen folks there. Kinda went up & down a bit as visitors came & went. The dinners together at the German restaurant Friday and then the Thai place on Saturday were great too. We got to sit together at one big table in both places.


Our Harbor Freight 10 x 10 pop up shelter we brought disintegrated as we tried to set it up. Only got four uses out of it before it broke in five places! Stay away from these folks. They are cheap. Even the fabric top had a billion pin holes in it from new and leaked. So naturally it rained that night and a bit on Saturday. Donna and I went to Wal Mart and bought a new 10 x 10 pop up Saturday afternoon. Believe it or not, this one has a good rep with a number of friends I have in a model airplane club. These folks use them every weekend and get good service from them. It was much better made than the HF one. A couple folks helped us with the new shelter and in maybe five minutes we had it up at the camp site. You know what? Once that was up, we didn't get another drop of rain all weekend! Kind fo like carrying spares in your sidecar trunk. You have them? You'll never need them. You need further proof? We brought a new little electric heater for our tent. It was 64 degrees Friday night. Great sleeping weather. Just needed a sheet to stay comfortable. I figure once we spent the money on that new shelter the weather gods knew we were serious about enjoying the weekend come what may. So they moved on to easier pick'ns.


We had folks from as far as Florida and Pennsylvania and Kentucky there. Very cool mix of rigs to admire.


Donna took the pics this year. I'll get them up on PB for everyone to see tonight after I finish work.


And some news!! Glenn Hamilton, the founder of the Russian Iron Board and co-founder of the FART Rally wants to become more active again after a few years off. He took over the group coffee pot Sunday. That makes him our fearless leader for next year! It brought back some great memories seeing him on that classic old cream & black Deco rig. Welcome back Man!


As usual, the weather was never as bad as predicted and we all had a great time. Thanks to all of you for coming!

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Awww man who had the Iraqi ural?

Sorry to hear about the tent Rich. I do like HF for some things but on some things they fail. I guess I need to add the tent to the fail section.

Looks like a great turn out but unfortunately the world conspired against me to keep me away.

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Here is our pics from FART. Link to PB folder;



The area around the lake was gorgeous. The clouds over the mountains at sunset Saturday evening as we rode to the Thai restaurant together were surreal. I gotta say this was one of the best trips for photos in a while! Enjoy!

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Here are some of the pictures we took from the rally.


Diane and I arrived Friday just in time to get the tent setup and go to an excellent dinner at the German restaurant in town.

The weather was great, warm for October, and it only started to rain after everyone had gone to bed for the night.


Rich and Donna had the Rally coffee pot and had picked up some breakfast goodies for Saturday morning. Thanks Rich!


The group got organized and we headed out for the mountains.


Everyone gassed up before hitting the road.



Rick was there with his very cool Iraqi Ural.

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After an afternoon of riding we got back to the campground, hung out and got cleaned up for dinner. Another excellent meal at the local Tai restaurant.


Saturday night there was a fire going where we recounted the day and told Ural stories.


Sunday morning some people had left before I rolled out of the sleeping bag. Others were still packing up.


Frank and Turtle had a long drive home.


Ken grabbed the Riders of the Eastern Front banner.


Glenn, John, Ken and I went for a ride. Glenn took us on an excellent road over the mountains that ended up at a restored fountain.


While we were standing there we watched a train come down behind the fountain in front of us, and then wrap around and go down the mountain behind us. Very cool.


When we stopped for coffee and fuel, Frank and his daughter were there after taking the highway up.


We did some more riding over another mountain and Glenn almost hit a bear with his sidecar. Unfortunately no picture of that. We stopped and had another excellent lunch. Glenn and John headed for home while Ken and I went back and packed up. By this time we had the campground to ourselves.


The weekend was great. Lots of good food, good friends, and good riding.



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