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If it's throwing away from the left side (not the sidecar side):

- check the oil level in the back on the dipstick, over the limit can be a reason.

- check the back wheel brake, an overheating hub due to dragging brake can lead to grease flowing out the wheel hub from the wheel bearings

- If neither take the back wheel out. You've got a circular lid with bolts all around. Under it, there's an oil seal which either is not tightened well by the bolts or it's sealing lip is worn out. Take the seal out and if it seams worn out tighten the metal ring of the seal by rotating one end on top of the other. That can keep it better sealed until you get the oil seal set to replace it.

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After you're done with the trouble shooting outlined above if you still need parts Ken at U-2 has supplied me with some parts and Magnus in Estonia has also supplied parts without problems. Both are listed in the Links section.


If you need more help shoot me a PM. I'm on the West Side of Indy.

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