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Any Russian Owners In Auckland Area?

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Any other Sidecar or Russian bike owners in the Auckland area keen to get together for rides? I have a 1998 650 Ural Outfit. Heading for the Coromandel next week if the weather holds up, any takers?


At least one - me :-D And this is, I believe, my first post here!

Bike not running and the BMW R50 I have isn't legal yet - needs some tinkering and compliance and stuff. But otherwise, yes, I am in Auckland...



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Yeah Mate , well I used to be but working in Rotorua now and got Sveta safely tucked in the shed waiting for MotoBoxer crowd in Poland to ship me a generator to complete the 12v conversion from 6V. Apparantly its a Fiat 126 genny been modified. So when its fitted I can have long rides, at the mo its down to the shop and back before it needs to be recharged, bit of a frustration. possibly catch up this summer if Im on the road. I think theres quite a few russian bikes lurking around, the problem is every one seems to be fixing the buggers in the shed and they dont get seen on the road so much. cheers DinoNZ

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