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Warning re fuel filters


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And if your filter is made of paper and gets contaminated with water then it may suddenly not flow anything. I find water the biggest problem and as our carbs are stuck out the side of thr bike not all the water comes from the tank.


Many parts of the world have ethnol as a fuel additive, very prevelent in the midwest here, that will carry water thru the filter along with the gas....just a thought....Ken

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Both my mate and I picked up our new Ural LX's in July 2008 in Sydney( both black with white pin stripes). In Jan. 2009 both had separate incidents (different fuel source) of petrol filling a cylinder and hydrolocking. The fix has been an in-line filter and neither of us have had any problems since.


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I used to know aerobatic pilot who would filter all fuel thru a chamois skin, as a clogged what ever, inverted 20 feet off the ground, will always ruin your day......

What do you mean used to know?!?!? :rolleyes: :blush2: :wino:


I run clear inline fuel filters and haven't had any problems.

I have old 50 year old rusty tanks with Polish paint and some kind of cheap POR-15 in them, though. The filters do catch a lot of crud. A lot of the particles are probably smaller than the jets and would pass unimpeded them and into the cylinders and right on out the exhaust.


I do feel comfortable when I see that there is gas in them. At least I know I have positive fuel flow. You do have to get over the air bubble thing though. Occasionally mine get a bubble, but for the most part, they stay filled up with fuel now. They are a pretty good gas gauge for the most part, too.

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