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Need help ID-ing some letters on my K-37 carburetor


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I was just looking over some of the pictures of my varburetors, and I noticed these four letters: what looks like an E (the top miht have been rubbed off through use), a reverse R, what looks to be an I (the top might have been rubbed off through use) or upside down T, and an O or a U. I know that T, O, and the reverse R (pronounced ya in Russian) are letters in the cyrillic alphabet, but then that T is upside down. So these are the possibilities of combinations I have thought up of:


- E, reverse R, upside down T, U

- E, reverse R, upside down T, O

- E, reverse R, I, U

- E, reverse R, I, O


*at first that E looked like an L to me, but then I saw that little middle dash mark that could only have made it an E or an upsid down F and F as far as I know isn't in the cyrillic alphabet


Now what I also have thought of is that when the letters were stamped on, the image stamped is a reverse of what the stamp had on it. I don't know if that made sense...as in, if you looked at the bottom of the stamp, you could read the Russian letters, but then when the metal was stamped the image left was a reverse:


- E, upside down and reverse R, T, O

- E, upside down and reverse R, I, O


The only ones I think would work are maybe the third and fourth combinations which would be ЕЯАIU and ЕЯАIO, where the U would be read as И if it was written in cursive, if I'm not mistaken, and the I...maybe was read just as I, becauce I think I've seen versions of the cyrillic alphabet where they used I instead of И. Anyone have any other ideas?


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OTK is a quality asurance stamp. Pretty much any item that was produced in USSR would receive a stamp like that. Not too sure if they still use something like this in Russia or Ukraine.

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