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New Retro


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OK OK....First let me give a BIG shout out welcome to Aether ! I finally have another Retro round these parts! :feelssogood:

and speaking of parts....I have extras if and when you need stuff!!


Secondly, I am NOT that neurotic....my bike DOES get dirty!! I just wash it immediately!~ :blink:


Aether, welcome to the crazy house! You will love your Retro, as do I... Mine is an '04, so I hav a bit of a different setup than yours!


E-mail me if you ever want to get together....

also, the annual Ride for Kids charity ride is coming up later this month in Columbia....its a great day, and there are always a number of us that show up...they generally need sidecars for the kids that cant ride on a 2 wheeler!


Congrats and enjoy! :thumbsup!:

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Nice looking Retro! Glad to have another Maryland Ural. We have another member over in Silver Spring, and I'm down in Calvert County, but I work up in the Laurel area. I'm hoping to have the time off for the ride for kids this year, hope to see more Urals there!

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