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Russian Ebay Sellers


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I've also ordered from Oldtimer recently, he emailed me with his paypal account and the total cost of parts and shipping. His site, as far as I've seen, does not calculate shipping.


I don't know if this is bad... :thumbsup!: ..but I've found some small items alot cheaper on ebay via MH-Motoworld or hubenhang. In looking at some of the parts on Oldtimer, they looked to be identical but much higher in price.

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Oldtimer's stuff is expensive, but it is absolutely first-class. A lot of it is modern Polish reproductions.


"EchoKG" has some good stuff and ships right away. I know he received some negative feedback and some bad reviews a couple of years ago, but the item in question was a complete engine that had become hung up in customs. Certainly not his fault.


"Olegmow" has some good stuff too. But he chooses the cheapest shipping rate, so you need some patience when working with him.

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I started a deal with Roman back in March, for an MT13-14 gearbox with reverse plus new clutch discs, screws, cable and the shorter cardan shaft.. After 10 weeks I emailed him that it never arrived. He supposedly went to the PO, traced it and had a refund the same day. USPS doesn't even work that fast.


Anyhow, he located me an MT 9-10 Gearbox with reverse that I prefered because its the R71 in external appearance, so I paid $50 more for one NOS.


9 weeks later, box arrives from Ukraine, gearbox, clutch discs, no screws, cable nor shorter cardan shaft. I emailed Roman, he told he if I ordered some more stuff from him, he's gladly include the items that I already paid for.


Freakin' summer is gone and my skooter is still not on the road. I'd rather buy an extra CJ750 cardan, 10 days from PayPal to my front door, direct from China.


His new ebay names is "TrafficJoy" confirmed by him via email.


I'm had several orders with MHMetalheart in China. 9-10 days from PayPal to my front door from Mainland China! And that was even heavier stuff like front and rear tin, and one with front and rear R71 tractor seats. Everything so far has been top notch.


I ordered from Leszek at Oldtimer Garage. It was a couple weeks before I got a ship quote from him to send the total via PayPal. Then it was another couple weeks before he actually shipped the stuff. Everything arrived intact and was top notch.


I placed 3 orders with Blitzbikes. First was just for some hardware. Second was for some control parts, was slow but got it. Last was supposed to be for a complete R71 handlebar kit. I told him I needed it for an airshow at x date. 4 weeks later, nothing, no phone calls returned, no email response. Bars finally arrived 4 days before the airshow and the risers were missing! Left him a message, no answer. Left negative feedback on one of the reenactor sites, and he finally called. Never again! 9 weeks from somebody in the US vs 8-10 days all the way from China? Fuhgeddabowdit!

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Arbalet got a bad rep with teh community a few years back due to paid-for bikes not turning up and things like that...


I haven't dealt with them personally though.



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Many of us have bought 20+ filters from masterss and have had no issues. It takes some time, about a month (sometimes less), but they are well worth it. OldtimeGarage has a good rep as well.



Masteress hasn't had the oil filters offered for a bit at Ebay. I started checking on them a while back and have looked often, but he/she seems to have stopped offereing them in bulk as was once done. Not sure of the reason, but unless he/she just started doing it again in the past few days, they had removed them. I never heard of anyone having problems with Masteress in receiving an order or such, so I believe I'd chance it and deal with them, myself.

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