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I spoke to Dave Hooker(MR COB) on Sunday regarding his arrival in Minnesota in early September. He will be headed into Northern Minnesota right after Labour Day. Then heading south to the Minneapolis area and arriving at my home late on Friday September 5th.


I am planning a short ride on Saturday morning September 6th for him and then a get together at my home in the afternoon. All are welcome for the ride also.


Please consider this an open invitation to anyone who wishes to attend. The gathering is planned to begin around 3 P.M. This is not a pot luck deal. We will furnish food, soft drinks, plenty of b.s. and a warm welcome. Our place is small but it's home to us. Anyone wishing to have a stronger beverage, please bring your own. And please, try to drive your Ural or other bike if possible. Impress/irritate my geezer neighbors.


I would like to have a head count, so to speak. by September 4th for planning purposes. .


So far, I have Scott from Shoreview, two others that he knows, and Tall1(Paul from Minnetonka)


Please contact me, if interested by PM on this board or Email me at:





or phone at 763-785-4995


I live in Coon Rapids at 89th and East River Road.



Bob in Minnesota

2006 GearUP

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