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About damn time.


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Well it took a lot longer to do this than I thought, but I finally took possession today. (see thread "what have I done?")


Anyway. I got officailly foiled today.


I will post a pic of my special hat that my kids are making for me.


very glad to be back.




<mods.. please merge the double post. somehow the pic went in one and the text in another my editing is making it worse.>


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Beautiful Machine How Long did you wait, Worth it in the end nice machine


I was expecting to pick it up in May, but because I didn't want to finance it

I just kept running into other expenses that took priority. I just kept putting

a few grand on it every few weeks.


The dealer kinda freaked out when I showed up yesterday with $8k in cash.

Very much worth the wait. And very much paid for. I hate debt.

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