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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking to rebuild the engine from my '67 (?) K-750M. I have never rebuilt one of these before, so I am looking for any tips/techniques/traps associated with this engine. I've been reading a lot of bike rebuild stories from this and other sites, but I haven't found a thread dedicated to rebuilding these engines. Any suggestions/advice?
  2. My dear comrades, For the victory of the socialism and for the greater good of the working class I have begun to work at the new project: KMZ K750 first model with the short frame. I have buyed this bike as parts, ones I had the frame, after that the sidecar, the engine, I have found a fork and a gearbox, I had the luck to find at a very good price two new Dnepr complete wheels and I am still buying... The bike has no document but I estimate the production year of the frame is from the '50s. I have started as always with the engine, I have picked a good engine housing with no cracks or threads problems:
  3. I have most of a sidecar wheel drive Dnepr, and would like to install a 750 sidevalve engine, preferably of Russian or Ukraine origin, but might consider chinese, mt12 would be great, tom toad, 08-9571804, tomrose983@bigpond.com
  4. After posting now and again as things have come up, but after seeing the new forum I decided to make this a running thing. So, to catch up to where I am now... I got my 1967 K-750 (mostly, who knows what it started out as) a few years ago. Things started off great. I had some friends with similar bikes and we made good use of them. I had to do the usual: - Wheel Bearings - Changed the 301 carbs for K68s - Cleaned up the PP302
  5. Does anyone have any advice on refinishing cylinders on side valve motors? I am working on an engine rebuild and I need to clean/refinish the cylinders. I was considering either getting them hot tanked/sonic cleaned at the machine shop, or sand blasted. Then I guess painting them with engine paint. I have seen what looks like un-finished cylinders. Cleaned and left natural. Is that a thing? I don’t mind patina, but I don’t want rust/flaking paint. What do you suggest?
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