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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! can you help me to find the equivalent oil and lubricants to be used for a Dnepr 650cc with engine MT10-36 and gearbox MT804? I attached pictures taken from MT16 manual. Premise I will use the bike in a temperature range from 10 °C winter till 40 °C summer, I made list below reading on-line. What is your opinion? - Front fork oil: SAE 10 - Motor oil: SAE50 or 20W50 from Harley Davidson - Gearbox oil: EP 80W90 GL4 - Rear drive and reductor at sidecar wheel: Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W-140 Fully Synthetic Car Gearbox Oil Thanks
  2. My Dnepr MT-16 has the 650 engine with a spin-on oil filter, never seen another one with this. Curious about when they started using them. It had an (original?) Russian filter on it when I bought it, since matched up and replaced with a Wix filter. Mounted on the right side of the block just to the rear of the front cover, almost touching the forward sidecar brace. Threaded side of filter is down. Looks original. I wonder if the oil drains out back into the crankcase every time it shuts off? I guess it doesn't matter as the 20 or 30 times I need to kick-start this @#%*$ before it runs would certainly pump oil thru everything. Hey....maybe that's it. The engine won't start until oil pressure builds up! Ha! Many thanks. Paul R. in Michigan, USA
  3. Hi there. New to the forum and to Dnepr life in general, as I've spent the last 2 years working on mine with my dads help (He's the mechanic, I'm the apprentice). I recently got the bike to run decently, good enough to pass inspection. Now that I'm actually out riding it, after a few minutes of riding when the engine and the oil gets hot the oil pressure drops. I've fitted a oil pressure gauge right before an external oil filter and the oil pressure when the oil is cold if usually around 40-45 PSI at a slightly high idle and over 60 when revving. This drops to around 20 PSI at idle and cruising speeds and almost 40 when revving hard when the oil gets hot. I'm running normal 20w50 engine oil, as that's quite common to use here in sweden. I'm wondering if this is cause for concern and if so, should I run thinner oils? Any advise is greatly appreciated!
  4. JonLilley


    Hi can you use 20W-50 Conventional Motor Oil? Car oil?
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