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Found 10 results

  1. I just finished a major update for the C5 Performance ignition kit. The mount has just been updated to fit more models and in the past year we have changed the following: NEW CD ignition has improved programming port, smaller size, and now has 4 maps NEW coil is smaller, lighter, but more powerful than previous models NEW software mapping to accommodate the improved coil saturation requirements NEW firmware for improved function and EMI protection NEW mounting kit works on all Ural OHV engines up to 2013 (does not fit EFI engines). Because of our changes the retail price has been reduced! I am currently finishing the Dnepr kit which uses a three bolt cam retaining plate and the M72 (flat head) kit will be ready next week. More information or to place an order www.c5ignitions.com
  2. As the type 5 ignition distribution rotors seem to be unavailable, has anyone found a source for or even a compatible replacement for the URAL type 5 ignition rotor?
  3. I had recent conversation with a friend who wants to get into serious adventure trips with his Ural. He wants to avoid electrical failures caused by a faulty handlebar or ignition switch, or even fuse panel issues. Sam uses our C5 Ural ignition kit and there is a trick he can use to avoid failures or get back to a safe location for further repairs. Due to handlebar switch related voltage issues with classic vehicles I have been recommending our coil power lead be connected directly to the battery or main fuse. The ignition module would still operate via the stock handlebar switch. By installing a small waterproof on-off switch you could bypass the problem and operate the ignition without using any of the original wire harness. I have tested using our mini DF coil with my own Ural and it ran with just 8 volts of battery power left. Other ignitions could possibly use this method but the coil and ignition should both use the toggle switch for power or the coil would over heat. You might still be without head lights but at least you aren't walking out of the forest! Many of you already know that Power Arc based ignitions shut the coil off automatically when the encoder disc stops rotating so the coil is only ON when the engine is turning. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Ural/Dneprs using these ignitions and I highly recommend you consider updating to this method. Be safe and enjoy the ride!
  4. Is anyone willing to be a test rider and provide feedback on a flat head engine still using 6 volts? I prefer someone located in the USA, bonus points for Wisconsin or surrounding location to speed up the process of test feed back. Here is the deal...If you would love a Power Arc based C5 ignition and have a 6 volt bike, lets talk. We need feedback on starting, smoothness at idle, performance at higher end of rpm range, and feed back on how the two curves compare. Changes in engine temperature would also be valuable. You will be using our newest coil rated over 100k volts and I will provide a toggle switch for changing between timing curves. I really think the flat head will see greater improvements that on OHV type and we've never had a 6 volt kit until now. Toss that PM-05 ignition and help us out. You will be world famous! Anyone want to give it a go??
  5. C5Paul

    Ural coil mounting

    From the album: Ural ignition C5 Performance

    coil mounted under seat.
  6. C5Paul

    C5 Dnepr Kit

    From the album: C5 Ignition pictures

    Complete Dnepr style (or pre 2009 Ural) ignition kit.
  7. I have a customer with a 1953 M72. He wants to install our C5 (PowerArc based) ignition into it. I've looked at pictures, called a few friends, and can't confirm if a modern ignition would be a direct swap. Since I've installed the Dnepr (older Ural) adapter plate in my own bike, It appears that it could work. The points cup seems to fit the size/shape needed for the swap. Please let me know if you have experience with this. Your help will be greatly appreciated. My phone is 920-810-0946 and you can text or call (central time zone) at reasonable hours:) Thanks!! Paul
  8. From the album: C5 2000 Ural Solo

    We will use this Solo model to upgrade existing Ural ignition kits and design new versions for older models. C5 Performance is based in Hortonville, Wisconsin and offers PowerArc ignition components. They manufacture the worlds most accurate and powerful ignitions and are made in America.
  9. My tourist with its 2002 motor has been in a shop for a long time where the mechanic is trying to get the timing to advance. He says he has tried two of the Ural stock units and neither one worked. Does anyone have advice about this? Thanks so much. Stephan 94 Tourist 09 Enfield
  10. Found this on the net. Have sent a mail to the company and asked for pics on the M72-K750-R71 system. I like the fact that it "feels" if you run it on 6v or 12v... Will post pics an price as soon as I get a reply... http://www.rs-fahrzeugtechnik-berlin.de/zuendanlagen/english.html
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