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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, i have a Ural M67-36, 1980. when I down shift when heading to a set of traffic light or a corner the gearbox jumps out of 3rd and 2nd, ONLY on downshifting. Going up the gears is OK. On the rear of the gear box there are the two adjustment bolts. Can somebody tell me do I screw the top bolt (downshift adjustment) IN or OUT to make the gear fully engage. cheers David
  2. I have two non-electric start Ural gearboxes for sale, one complete, the other in pieces. Minimal spline wear on both. The one in pieces has a dipstick instead of the fill hole in the side. Airbox included. $150 plus shipping. K65T carburettors. Have about 26,000 Kilometers on them, could use a rebuild. Have viton-tipped float valves and vacuume ports. $20 plus shipping. I will also be parting-out a '97 650 Ural engine, PM me if interested. * all of it SOLD!!*
  3. I've got a leak and it's spitting Oil onto the Exhaust 2 into 1, quite a bit so thinking of tackling it and wanted some advice and guidance on a) where it is leaking from and what is causing it b) what's involved in fixing it So - thought the easiest thing would be to do a short video and place it on YouTube for you to take a look at and see what you think. YouTube Video I do know that Oil is coming out of the Generator as it's not sealed properly but don't think that is the cause - or is it?
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