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Found 5 results

  1. This is my MT-16. I am about to retorque my heads at 2,000 kilometers. I'll use a snap-on inch pound meter (dial) set to 12 foot pounds or 144 inch pounds. Going in a clockwise rotation, with Upper Left as #1, I'll do 1,3,4,2. Back off 1/2 turn, then tighten. Because this is a retorque, I'll go right to 144 inch pounds.Any suggestions? Also, my differential bolts keep loosening. I have to check them every time I go out, and every 50 KM. I had stripped them out and lost three bolts at 1,800 K. I drilled then helicoiled them and torqed them to 22 ft/pds, but they still loosen. Used 3M threadlocker (med) when I put it all together. I am about to drill and safety wire the whole thing.Any suggestions? Also,Anyone try that German kit to lock up the differential? I want one and am in the market. I was going to sell this CCCP piece of merde, but I've fallen in love with it.
  2. Does anyone have any advice on refinishing cylinders on side valve motors? I am working on an engine rebuild and I need to clean/refinish the cylinders. I was considering either getting them hot tanked/sonic cleaned at the machine shop, or sand blasted. Then I guess painting them with engine paint. I have seen what looks like un-finished cylinders. Cleaned and left natural. Is that a thing? I don’t mind patina, but I don’t want rust/flaking paint. What do you suggest?
  3. it's been great weather here and the bike had been running great until yesterday. Late yesterday a rattle developed in the left cylinder. I had 1500 KMs on the bike since I last adjusted the valves so I thought today would be a good day to do it. Removed the valve cover, loosened the cylinder head stud nuts a quarter turn and torqued the first one to 22 lbs/foot. It stripped! The second one, I decided to remove the nut to see how it looked and it was stripped. One by one, checked all of the them on both sides and they are all stripped.... Not sure why all of them are stripped and if they had stripped when I torqued them over 1500 KMs ago, I'm surprised they held. I'm sure it's operator error or something. So, I guess I learn how to replace the cylinder head studs and see what happens next. Always an adventure with my 98 Ural Tourist.
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